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Moderna scrutinizes the end of the year

By The Editor - 21 October 2020

As the Covid-19 pandemic is swelling, R&D drugmakers' efforts to find a vaccine candidate are closely scrutinized. Moderna is on track to score an emergency use authorization (EUA) in December


China's "whatever it costs" plan
against Covid-19

By The Editor - 14 October 2020

The country is becoming more and more a worldwide turntable for R&D and trials against the pandemic.


ESMO 2020: virtual but wealthy

By The Editor - 30 september 2020

The annual meeting of the European Society of Medical Oncology (ESMO) took place virtually this year, due to the Covid-19 pandemic. New treatment options were presented, new results were unveiled that could accelerate future adoption of medicines.

SPECIAL REPORT: manufacturing

Relocation of production pharmaceuticals

A strategic endeavour for the European Union

By Jean-François Hilaire - Recipharm Executive Vice President

The purpose of this article is to explore how pharmaceutical supply chains are structured and to what extent production could be repatriated into Europe, providing that some roadblocks are removed.


Pratical measure are paramount
for robust medicines manufacturing

By Adrian van den Hoven - Medicines for Europe Director General

COVID-19 has heightened existing debates on global supply chains, but informed and practical policy making is needed to strengthen medicines supply chains.


J&J, AstraZeneca: the risk of "temporarily pause" in clinical trials

By The Editor - Created 06/10/20 - Updated 14/10/20

A new hurdle occurred in the race to bring a vaccine candidate against Covid-19 to the market


Pfizer's goals: battling the Covid-19
and adding $15 billion sales

By The Editor - 24 september 2020

While growing anxiety is spreading worldwide with sanitary indicators on the evolution of the Covid-19 pandemic getting worse, impatience for a vaccine to arrive is growing


How governments secure future vaccines
for their citizens

By The Editor - 03 september 2020

In the race against Covid-19, drug companies are speeding to bring to market a vaccine. Meanwhile, for months, governments from all around the world have been working on supply deals to secure millions of doses of the future vaccines candidates for their citizens.

From our correspondent Washington


Donald Trump's phony war against big pharma

08 september 2020

Drug companies would be wrong not to take President Trump's executive orders aimed at reducing drug prices seriously...

FINANCIAL: News & Stock

Covid-19 pandemic weakens financial results

By The Editor - 5 august 2020

The pandemic and the economic lockdown severely reduced prescriptions for medicines, doctors or hospitals visits by patients and also delayed uses of innovative treatments. With immediate financial consequences on companies' sales and revenues.


Bristol-Myers-Squibb's come back
in cardiovascular

By The Editor - 8 october 2020

Who's next to catch the big pharma deal train? Definitely Bristol-Myers-Squibb is. On October 5th, the American company penned its second large deal in two years, with the acquisition of biotech firm MyoKardia Inc., specialized in cardiovascular, for $13.1 billion...


Big Pharma speed up on acquisitions
in rare diseases and cancer

By The Editor - 16 september 2020

If the first half of 2020 has not been a busy time for acquisitions, things have definitely changed in the second half so far, with several announcements happening at the end of August and in September


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