CDMOs attractive for private equity

PHARMAnetwork studies

Financial investors are increasingly attentive to CDMOs for their sound underlying fundamentals in some cases, or for their growth and value creation potential, along with the visibility provided by their longterm sourcing contracts.


Strengths & Strategies

Interview with Dr. Michael Quirmbach

CordenPharma’s newly appointed CEO & President, Dr. Michael Quirmbach, discusses the history and strategy of CordenPharma’s formation by ICIG, the future of CordenPharma, as well as a broad range of strengths & technical capabilities in both API & Drug Product manufacturing. He particularly focuses on the key areas of Highly Potent & Oncology APIs & DrugProducts, Injectable Drug Products and small to large-scale Peptide manufacturing. He then highlights CordenPharma’s unique full-service supply chain offering, which brings clear benefits to customers in the pharma industry.

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"Moderate" price increases for drugs in the United States

Washington, Luc Watson

Under pressure from public opinion, Congress and the White House, more than sixty pharmaceutical firms in the United States are limiting their semi-annual increases in official prices on hundreds of drugs for the moment. According to the American press, quoting consultancy firms specializing in healthcare pricing analysis, the average price hike at the beginning of 2020 is 5.8%. The increases of 10% and over that were often seen until 2018 have become politically unacceptable.
Nevertheless the increases remain marked enough to encourage the activists urging Congress to control prices directly. Donald Trump at any rate has restrained his anger as this year begins.

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Catalent expands european network
and into gene therapy capabilities

By Elliott Berger, Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Catalent

Biopharmaceutical companies face increased challenges when developing drugs: molecules are more complicated; timelines are reduced; resources are more limited; and patient populations for therapies are becoming smaller.
Drug development takes time, and individual scientists can rarely see through many programmes during a career. So, for the industry to progress, it must be recognized that experience can be acquired, and by not relying solely on internal development teams, innovators can quickly gain access to deep expertise in certain areas by working collaboratively with CDMOs and development partners

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Blockchain: Hopes & Challenges

By Cécile Théard-Jallu and Victor Fabre

What is the reality of blockchain in the pharmaceutical industry? The tangible repercussions of blockchain, i.e.the decentralized ledger system copied and stored onmultiple nodes across the networks, now go far beyondthe Bitcoin (the cryptocurrency that gave rise to it) andare increasingly impacting all spheres of the economy.
The blockchain phenomenon has already started growing in the pharmaceutical industry through various R&D initiatives. However, blockchain also comes with technical and legal challenges that shall be primarily addressed as a condition to its development.

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